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Our Breathe essential oil blend is like a breath of fresh air in the morning. Crafted from a pure essential oil blend of easing Eucalyptus, refreshing Tea Tree & clearing Pine create a soothing aroma to help clear your senses & leave you feeling protected.

Perfect to be used with The Atomiser for pure, undiluted diffusion.

How to use

  • To be used with The Atomiser for pure, undiluted diffusion.
  • Remove the dropper, attach the diffusion head and insert into The Atomiser.
  • Alternatively, add a few drops to 5ml of your chosen carrier oil and apply to wrists or add to a warm bath.

Benefits you will experience:

  • Refreshed
  • Soothed
  • Protected
  • Clarity

Active ingredients

Pine, Eucalyptus, Parfum**, Linalool*, Limonene*, Geraniol*.

*Natural Essential Oil contents **Natural Plant Extracts

Additional information

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8 reviews for Support Breathe Pure Essential Oil

  1. KELLY O.


  2. XIN T.

    smell good and my daughter and my son love it a lot. we had bought it several times.

  3. SUE O.

    I use this in my bedroom at night. This blend smells good and does you good! It isn’t romantic and beautiful, but I hits the spot in easing stuffy breathing.


    This is a strong oil, my children have said its very strong for them but I like this oil.

  5. CMC

    Beautiful, fabulous scent and will last a very long time for use with the atomiser.

  6. MARY

    I know this product seems expensive, in my experience it is worth the money. Worked really well in clearing my stuffy head and eased nasal congestion. An added bonus is the lovely aroma in the room. Pleasant and uplifting.

  7. J W.

    My favourite oil blend – it is like having a luxury spa in my house! I also take this away on holiday and pop a couple of drops into hot water to make the hotel room more relaxing

  8. GLEN T.

    I have the Aromatherapy diffuser in my hallway and this fragrance is my most go to. A truly welcoming and refreshing smell. I have several Aromatherapy fragrance oils, which are very long lasting, but for some reason, the last batch I ordered, I found the oil diffused incredibly quickly, whereas with previous purchases, they lasted considerably loRead more about review stating I have the Aromatherapy diffusernger. Considering the price point, it’s a very expensive way to fragrance my home !

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